Greater Bethlehem's Bathroom Thermal Imaging Testing Professional

Are you looking to identify leaks or drafts in your home? Did you know we offer thermal imaging testing which is advanced technology for identifying leaks not offered by other contractors in the area? Our thermal imaging testing offers the ability to bring comfort and efficiency back into your home. Get your FREE, no obligation estimate or give us a Call!

Deily Contractors is trained on the best equipment with years experience for commercial properties and homeowners alike. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and ability to help you enhance the comfort and efficiency of your home. When you combine our thermal imaging testing with our blower door and duct leakage tests and home energy audits we can pin point exact issues quickly and effectively so you can go back to being comfortable in your home.

When you hire us for thermal image testing you can be sure you are getting the most advanced technology from people trained on the equipment. Just see what other homeowners are saying!

What You Should Know About Our Thermal Imaging Testing

  • Air Leak Identification
  • Water Leak Identification
  • Outlet Overheating
  • Advanced Technology
  • Trained & Certified
  • Top-of-the-Line Equipment
  • When Combined with Other Tests Even More Effective

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it read surface temperature?

    Yes, that is the key reason for doing the testing.